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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Stuck in the Serengeti (by Louisa)

We got stuck in black cotton soil in the middle of the plains of the Serengeti! There were prides of lions, and the fastest animal in the world, cheetahs ... and we were stuck in the mud.

Sand lollies in the Serengeti
Last week, I went to the Serengeti with Samuel and Megan and Daddy. We saw four cheetahs, two elephants, maybe 25 giraffes, four lions, and a hyena. We also saw lots of zebra, impala, topi, crocodiles and hippos, a jackal and ostriches.

After lunch, our guide took us on an adventure!! We went off the track onto the soggy ground. Can you guess what happened? I bet you can. We got stuck! Actually, it was our guide’s car that got stuck more than ours. We used our winch for the first time to try and pull him out. The first time he was stuck we managed to free him, but the second time he was really bogged down and when we tried, even though our car was on solid ground, the winch started to move our car towards his. Oh dear! I looked around, but fortunately there were no lions – they had not spotted us and we did not become their dinner! I was a bit worried it was going to get dark and we would be stuck in the middle of the nowhere. After two hours of trying, as it was getting late we had to take him and his guests in our car to get help. Thankfully the rangers were able to rescue his car. And we arrived at Serengeti Stopover for the night.
Trying to pull their vehicle out!


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