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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Elf Night and Tandala

Elf Night

It was the night before Christmas Eve and we decided to have "Elf Night." The Wingfields (Ben, Sam and Bethany) came for a sleep-over and we all (the kids) dressed up as elves. We ate spaghetti with M&M's and chocolate sauce on the top because that is what Buddy eats for breakfast lunch and dinner. After that funny tea, we watched the movie "Elf" with yummy sweets!

"I like to whisper too!" says Buddy, the main character.
Pasta with chocolate sauce and sweeties!


For a family holiday while we were in Iringa, we went to Tandala (which is almost in Ruaha National Park) to stay overnight. I love Tandala because there is a swimming pool and a rope swing! We have been here before with James and Dan Liriano and had a great time then too! On the day we arrived, Maddie showed us our room (a very posh tent), and when she left I quickly put on my bathing costume and asked Mum if we could go swimming. We played in the pool with Georgia, Maddie's daughter. We had a three course meal for dinner, it was yummy! We played lots of games with Georgia and other children there. And while we were playing we saw lots of interesting animals like giraffes, monkeys, kudu (which is English for Tandala) and impala.
Kudu (Tandala)

With Georiga

Giraffes came right up to drink at the water hole (but that wasn't when we had the camera!)

Kudu, baboons and impala all playing at the water hole
We had lots of fun over our Christmas in Iringa! But Amisadai can tell you more soon!

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  1. Do you have kudu, baboons and impala playing at the water hole in your basement in Mwanza too? Lol Papaxxx