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Monday, 11 January 2016

Amisadai's Christmas Holiday Blog

Who was it? Who committed the crime? Was it Duchess Alexandra or Colonel Tim? Did he/she use a frying-pan? Or did they use a woggle? Read on to find out!

A mystery at the Manor House. A murder crime. Was it Madame Rachel, Colonel Tim, Duke Andre or Duchess Alexandra? Was it Professor Andrew or Lady Miriam? On Christmas Eve, we played  a life-size game of Cluedo in Andy and Angela’s old house. Dad was Colonel (pronounced kernel, as I only just found out, I have been pronouncing it col-on-el like it is spelt, and SHOULD be pronounced). It was so much fun and in the end dad, Sam and Ezera found out that it was Duke Andre, with the very dangerous frying pan, in the kitchen.

While we were in Iringa, we went horse-riding! It was so much fun to see Shera and Julia again, and Biscuit (my favourite horse)! We saddled them up and brushed them and then jumped on (Well I did, Louisa’s legs were too short). I rode Biscuit (a white and brown spotty horse) and Louisa rode Flora (a dark brown horse). It was so much fun as we trotted and walked up the road and back. I really loved it!!
With Biscuit and Flora

I had a very fun birthday this year. I opened my presents first thing; I got a remote control sports car, games and DVDs and notebooks, pens and books (Guess what?! I got Grandma’s Attic number one thanks to the VanWoerdens!). I have wanted it for so long, as the copy I have now is falling into pieces) and lots of other things too. We then had a delicious breakfast of cinnamon buns made by Mama Lucy (we really miss her in Mwanza and it was SO nice to see her again!)
Cinnamon Bun Breakfast while skyping Papa and Mama!
We went to Neema Crafts for birthday milkshakes with Lara, Talia, Ezera and Aniya, and they were delicious (as always!) I had a chocolate one and it was so good!!!! We went back and had a birthday lunch of all my favourite things, such as cheesy footballs (sent from Grandma) and Pringles, Cadbury's Chocolate Fingers (sent from Heather and Steve ... and a little melted together!) and orange slices and cheese and crackers with chutney from the Garlic Farm on the Isle of Wight!
We had the VanWoerdens over to play in the afternoon and we watched Minions! Then Alex and Andre came over for dinner and Alex had made this awesome cake, that was NARNIA!!! We were only there for such a short time but she already knew me so well. It tasted sooo good!

And here is a funny true story: One day while was waiting by the side of the road, beside a ditch of water,  a man (I think he was drunk) came up to me and asked if I was David Beckham’s girlfriend. Well actually he said, “you David Beckham’s girlfliendi?”  I said no, I wasn’t. Then he asked if I was his little sister. I said “No, I’m not.” Then I thought he would go away but he didn’t, he just stood there thinking. Suddenly he made me jump by shouting ‘Aha! Aha! aha, aha! I am knowing who’s you are! You Ronaldo’s little sister? Eheh!’

I said ‘Yes I am totally Ronaldo’s little sister.’’ He then said “Ronaldo’s little sister look for fishies in water? Hee! Very good.  Aya! Bye!”  Then he left and went to catch up with his friends shouting (in Swahili) ‘I have met Ronaldo’s little sister and David Beckham’s best friend!(absolutely no clue where he got this idea from!) “She was staring in the trench looking for fishies!”

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  1. That sounds cool. Your cake looks awesome. I would love to taste it. Your life seems really amazing and hard. Nothing really amazing happens here I wish something would, like an adventure or a mystery. Then there would be some fun. Oh! I just saw a parrot eating a tomato in our garden. It was beautiful. Love, Adelaide.