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We are Amisadai and Louisa Monger (aged 11 and 9). In 2010, we moved to Tanzania in Africa - look at the map below to see if you can find it! We hope you will enjoy reading about our adventures and looking at our photos! Please don't forget to send us a message too!

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Canadian Hats Too!

We loved seeing the photos of the Hat Day that The King's School in Langley, Canada had in support of International Albinism Awareness Day last week! They looked really great and we are so happy that they did it too! We are looking forward to visiting Lakeview School in Mwanza when we get back and telling the kids there about the schools that are thinking of them and praying for them!

Hat Day in Canada!

Taylor from the King's School with the kids at Lakeview School last year.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Hat Day for Albinism Day

We did an assembly today at school for International Albinism Awareness Day today! We used lots of different hats (sunhats, winter hats, swimming hats, helmets ...) to show that we are all a bit like hats ... we are all different colours, shapes and sizes and all special with different things that we are good at! We can all remember how important it is to love one another and also pray for children that haven't been loved, like some of the children in Tanzania who have albinism. We encouraged people to do that.

 Here is a photo of me with my friends!

Loads of kids at school wore all kinds of hats today, it was really good! And other people have been wearing hats to remind people about Albinism Day too!

Happy Albinism Day for Saturday! Don't forget your hats!


Friday, 5 June 2015

It's International Albinism Day and CRAZY HATS!!!

I don't think you all know this, but the first World Albinism Day is coming up on Saturday, June 13th. This is a day where we can remember all the people with albinism (a condition where you have no pigment in your skin, and have weak eyesight) and are thankful for their lives. We are doing crazy hats to celebrate and remember the day! Also on Friday, June 12th, Mum, Louisa and I are going to do an assembly at our school explaining what albinism is, and the problems in Tanzania, watch a slideshow video and tell some of the stories we know of our friends in Lakeview School.
Crazy Hat Day
We and everyone else trying to help people with albinism want all the attacks and killing of people with albinism to stop, so there is this day in hope that as more people get to know of these huge problems, the more people will try to stop it, and all the attacks and killing will stop.
The reason we are going to wear hats and encourage other people to wear hats or funny sunglasses on this day, is because the people with albinism need to wear them, as their skin burns VERY easily from the sun, and they can get serious burns and skin cancer, and they need to keep their eyes from getting damaged. We know Maria, our friend in Mwanza, really didn't like wearing a hat. Other kids in Tanzania don't wear hats beacuse they don't need to. But WE do wear hats and Maria liked wearing Louisa's hat and now she wears it all the time!
Maria with her two sisters and Louisa
Louisa doing fun crafts with kids at Lakeview School
As this is an international day, we hope that people all over the world will remember Albinism Day! We would love to see your crazy hats or sunglasses! So please email us or post on the Albinism Day Facebook page with your crazy hat photos and we will post them here on our blog! We hope lots of people remember!

Samweli puts his hat on!


Monday, 27 April 2015

Oh Canada!

What did we really enjoy about being back in Canada?
Seeing our cousins and Mama and Papa, and people that visited us in Tanzania.
(Louisa) Other than people, I enjoyed going to the shops.
(both) Tim Hortons!

What thing about Canada did we find the most strange/peculiar/funny?
(Amisadai) The church service was over so quickly!
(Louisa) We had a machine to wash our dishes!

What do we miss most from Tanzania?
The hot weather. Our rabbits.

We had a wonderful time in Canada, and really enjoyed our stay. We left Mwanza on Friday morning and flew to Dar and had a wonderful lunch with Pastor Huruma, and Auntie Joyce, Kenny, Jimmy, Joan and Marion. We almost missed our flight in the Dar traffic! We had to rush through security and onto the plane and we only just made it! We went to Nairobi, then to England. We met dad and then had a massive surprise! Grandad and Grandma came to see us! But after a few hours we were back on another plane to Ottawa and then to Vancouver. We arrived in Vancouver airport at 9:00pm and got home at 10pm. We were sooooo tired!

Mama and Papa took Mum, Louisa and I for a day out at Stanley Park and Lynn Canyon. Sadly, dad was ill so he didn't come. We had loads of fun at Stanley Park; we watched the horses go by, we played in playgrounds, we went for a lovely walk to the light house, and we went to Prospect Point and played on the steps. Then we had a super picnic of soup and hot chocolate! After that we went to Lynn Canyon and crossed the very high suspension bridge. Louisa was a little afraid at first! We went through the trees and played on a little beach. We paddled in a rock pool, and played on the rocks. But Louisa slipped and fell in, while wearing both her sweaters! Her feet, legs, hands, arms and tummy were freezing as the water is melted snow from the mountains! We all laughed a lot!
Crossing the swaying suspension bridge at Lynn Canyon.

Here we are playing in a hollow tree on the way to the rocky beach.
Paddling in the very cold melted snow at Lynn Canyon.
We had a really fun time in Lonsdale Quay with mama and papa. Thankfully dad could come on this outing! We had a really nice hot chocolate when we arrived, one of the best I've ever had! We looked around the shops and started a game of chess with gigantic size pieces!
Playing chess!

We climbed to the top of the tower at Lonsdale Quay after crossing on the SeaBus.
We went out for the morning to White Rock beach. We were amazed to believe that we could see America! We splashed in the water, though the tide was so far out!
Posing at White Rock Beach
Posing as hockey players at Canada Place

Gassy Jack Steam Clock in Vancouver

With the VanWoerdens in Chilliwack
Final fun with the cousins!

Louisa's Birthday (by Louisa)

I had four birthdays this year! One at my Auntie Caroline and Uncle James's house with my cousins and Mama and Papa. Then I had a birthday lunch at Uncle Dicky's house with Auntie Pam and Laura in Ontario. Then on the plane, it was so much fun! I went to sleep and while I was sleeping Amisadai went to the stewardesses and asked if they could sign a birthday card. The Captain also signed it and they gave me a bag of goodies! I woke up and found the presents and card and HAPPY BIRTHDAY signs on my seat! I was so excited and happy. Then I had a birthday party at my Grandma and Grandad's house with my cousins and Uncle Chris and Auntie Carleen!

Birthday Buttertarts in BC at Auntie Caroline's house
Birthday Bash in Ontario with Uncle Richard and Auntie Pam and Laura

Birthday surprises from Air Canada
"Olaf in a Hot Tub cake" at Grandma and Grandad's house in England

Ontario (by Amisadai)

We had a lovely 4 days in Toronto with our new friends, Auntie Pam and Uncle Dicky!!!!!! It was FREEZING!!! They had a lovely  house, and kept us nice and warm inside. Louisa and I did an assembly at a school there about what we do in Tanzania, and afterwards they gave us both a very kind present which included a Tim Horton's card (so we went with Uncle Dicky!) We had a meeting with all the EI Canada team at the EI office explaining everything we have done in Tanzania and what we want to start. Louisa and I were playing in the offices while they did this. That evening we did an open house at the office all about our projects. And we had Chinese food and such delicious desserts!!!

Tim Hortons with Uncle Dicky!
Laura ( our friend from Iringa) came to visit us and stayed the night. In the morning, we woke up to see everything covered in snow! Snow in April?! Even for Toronto that's late! Anway, we built a little Tanzanian snowman ( though he is not really a Tanzanian snowman, 1. because there isn't any snow there  2. because he would of melted long ago even if there had been any snow and 3. snowmen generally do not like warmth. The only reason he is called a Tanzanian snowman is because we gave him a khanga for a scarf.

We met some new friends, the grandchildren of Uncle Dicky and Auntie Pam and their parents took us all to Niagara Falls! It was amazing! The wind was SO strong, it practically knocked us over! We went down 38m from the top (the falls are 50m high) in a lift, into some tunnels and went behind the falls. It was noisy and wet and very fun! We had so much fun with Carys and Breckyn and their little brother, Tavish!

Did you know that Niagara Falls has the highest fall rate of any waterfall in the world?

With Carys and Breckyn
Did you know that Anne of Green Gables was filmed at the EI office in Stouffville? Here is the very bridge they used!

Saturday, 14 March 2015

The Fun I've Had! (by Louisa)

Before Dad went to England, he made a rabbit hutch. Before we had the rabbits, Amisadai and I liked to play in them like this with our friends. Now we have four rabbits living there! We are hoping one will have babies before we leave!
Hutch Fun!
Before half term,  my class did an assembly about saying sorry. We showed people how to say sorry and when to say sorry. My part was with my friend, bumping into a boy and what happened if we didn't say sorry and how it could be better if we did say sorry. It's always better to say you are sorry.

I am in the front in the red T-shirt. I think I am the shortest one!

For my half-term homework I had to make or draw a map or a model of a village. Mine was called "Bridgedon Village". YOU ARE WELCOME TO BRIDGEDON!
Now we are practicing hard for our production at school. It is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I now know my class song; I really like it and love the dance!  My teacher is a great dancer! And the day after the play, we are flying to Canada! I can't wait to get on the plane and drink all the apple juice we want and watch TV!

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

World Book Day and A New Baby

World Book Day

Did you all have a good World Book Day? We did!

We arrived at school and saw some amazing outfits. There were lots of Gandalf’s from ‘The Hobbit’.  Raiaan dressed up as Willy Wonka from ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, and bought in a whole box of celebration sweets, we all had loads! Mr Hughes said he looked frightful with his bare chest.  ‘Half naked!’
Eric, a boy in my class, was James Bond, and Juma was Robin Hood. We had a Malificent, Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) Gwendolyn (from Malory Towers, an Enid Blyton book); Matilda from Roald Dahl’s book Matilda, and the funniest was Maheen, a Muslim girl, dressed up as a peacock from Noah’s ark! She didn’t even know the story, but knew that on Noah’s ark there was every type of animal!

On book day, we go round different classes and do fun things, from different books.
The first class we went to was Mrs Hughes, (year 3) where we did activities on ‘The Adventurous Four’ by Enid Blyton. We had to cross a ‘cliff’ without touching the ground.  We walked across planks of wood, and climbed over chairs until we had all our team, and all the equipment over to the other side. It was very fun! In the second game we played, we twisted ourselves up then and had to untangle!
The second class we went to was to Miss Reynolds in year 4. We learned about a story called the WHITE GIRAFFE. We drew our own magical creatures. We then made up a special power that they might give us.

The third class we went to was Mr Brown in year 5, the class I used to be in. We learned about different super heroes and why they are super heroes, what they can do and what they are famous for. We made up our own superheroes after that.
The last class we went to was Mr Hughes’s.  Every class goes to their own teacher for the last lesson. Mr Hughes dressed up as Sherlock Holmes and we had to solve the mystery.

Guess what?! I won the first place certificate for the best dressed girl!

What did you do for World Book Day?

A New Baby

On Saturday, Mummy had the mamas group, so Louisa and I went along too. We were making bead necklaces with them and Dora, one of their little girls. Afterwards we went to see Mama Penina at the hospital because she had just had a baby. It took us about 5 minutes just to get to the baby department and 2 minutes just to get in the door! People were jostling, bumping and pushing and shoving all around the entrance, with so many new babies. It was so crowded! People came out carrying empty buckets, pans, thermoses and cups, (and HUGE handbags!) Because here in Tanzania when some one goes into hospital, they have to look after themselves for food (or their families do).

Making bead necklaces
Finally we got in, only to be stopped by some men! I think one of them was a bit drunk, he laughed a lot and didn’t walk in a straight line. The other was arguing and trying to stop us going into the ward. He did look like a proper doctor but he wore a white, ripped and dirty shirt, jeans and no shoes.
Mama Penina’s baby was a beautiful little girl. The two mama’s we had brought with us said how light the baby's skin was. Most babies here are born with very light skin.

Mama Penina
Then we took Penina and her new little baby back home. We prayed for little baby, and took turns for cuddles! We were really glad to see our friend Maria too, and she was so happy to see us!
Playing outside Mama Penina's house

Crossing the bridge outside the house. It was quite a walk to get there!
We were tired and very hungry after all this ‘hard work’ (we hadn't had any lunch!) and mummy said we deserved an ice cream!
We are really excited to see some of you in England, and Canada! Hopefully we will do another blog before we go!

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

A Trip to Narnia and the Serengeti

Welcome to NARNIA! Last Saturday, I had my birthday party! It was a Narnian theme (because I love all the Narnia books) and we had so much fun! We played "Turned to stone" (similar to wink murderer), The Last Battle, (Capture the Flag) and we did the Narnia Quest (a treasure hunt!). We ate Narnian food, such as Beaver's dam (breadsticks), Witch's Temptations (cakes) Mr Tumnus' Sugar cakes, Susan's horns (bugles) Tarkaan's Wine (rosella) Eustace's cheese sandwiches, Aslan's fruit and Lucy's cordial. (I planned it all out when we were waiting so long for Dad and Louisa to come across on the ferry coming back from Uganda!) Mum made me a gorgeous wardrobe cake, it was really good! I had so much fun playing with my friends and think they enjoyed it too.

Here is a video of my party!

Serengeti Trip

Last week I went to Serengeti for 3 days for our school trip! It was the best school trip I've ever been on and it was so cool!

Day 1
We left school at 10:00 am and got onto 5 safari veicles. I was in car 5 with 5 other people. It is a 2 hour journey to Bunda, and we got a little bored at times. We reached Tembeamara at lunch time and we had lunch at the camp. Afterwards we pitched the tents (all the girls slept in one huge tent) and chose our places. We then climbed  Balili Hill, or Bunda Mountain and reached the top after a little walk. We had sodas at the top! For dinner (after we had climbed down) we had spaghetti bolonaise . After dinner, we had evening activities, we played memory and instructing games. We went to bed at 11:00pm!

Day 2
We woke up early in the morning (after a very long night! Nassra my friend, and I couldn't get to sleep until 4 so we did our homework and read a book!). We had seed rolls for breakfast, packed our lunches and set of to the Serengeti! We arrived at the gate and were met by some monkeys, who actually came to the cars and one even stole Nassra's banana! We had a wonderful day, we had our roof up so we could see out and I got some amazing pictures! We had a close call with some charging elephants! And we were so excited to see a leopard! We saw:
  • wilderbeast
  • zebra
  • bufflo
  • heartbeast
  • Thomson's gazzele
  • topi
  • impala
  • a smiling jackel
  • bat-eared-fox
  • elephant
  • 2 leopards
  • mongoose
  • crocodile
  • hippo
  • tortoise
We got back, had spaghetti again and then told scary stories around a campfire.
Day 3
Sadly the night before our tent had proved itself NOT waterproof and it was sinking and soaked. We given the rooms! I slept under the bed with another of my friends, Hanan, and we were very comfy!
We woke in the morning, packed up, had breakfast and went back the way we came. We stopped in a village (as planned) to visit a school there. We saw a huge tilapia fish! We arrived back at school at home time and I was so pleased to see mum and dad again!