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We are Amisadai and Louisa Monger (aged 10 and 8). In 2010, we moved to Tanzania in Africa - look at the map below to see if you can find it! We hope you will enjoy reading about our adventures and looking at our photos! Please don't forget to send us a message too!

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

A Trip to Narnia and the Serengeti

Welcome to NARNIA! Last Saturday, I had my birthday party! It was a Narnian theme (because I love all the Narnia books) and we had so much fun! We played "Turned to stone" (similar to wink murderer), The Last Battle, (Capture the Flag) and we did the Narnia Quest (a treasure hunt!). We ate Narnian food, such as Beaver's dam (breadsticks), Witch's Temptations (cakes) Mr Tumnus' Sugar cakes, Susan's horns (bugles) Tarkaan's Wine (rosella) Eustace's cheese sandwiches, Aslan's fruit and Lucy's cordial. (I planned it all out when we were waiting so long for Dad and Louisa to come across on the ferry coming back from Uganda!) Mum made me a gorgeous wardrobe cake, it was really good! I had so much fun playing with my friends and think they enjoyed it too.

Here is a video of my party!

Serengeti Trip

Last week I went to Serengeti for 3 days for our school trip! It was the best school trip I've ever been on and it was so cool!

Day 1
We left school at 10:00 am and got onto 5 safari veicles. I was in car 5 with 5 other people. It is a 2 hour journey to Bunda, and we got a little bored at times. We reached Tembeamara at lunch time and we had lunch at the camp. Afterwards we pitched the tents (all the girls slept in one huge tent) and chose our places. We then climbed  Balili Hill, or Bunda Mountain and reached the top after a little walk. We had sodas at the top! For dinner (after we had climbed down) we had spaghetti bolonaise . After dinner, we had evening activities, we played memory and instructing games. We went to bed at 11:00pm!

Day 2
We woke up early in the morning (after a very long night! Nassra my friend, and I couldn't get to sleep until 4 so we did our homework and read a book!). We had seed rolls for breakfast, packed our lunches and set of to the Serengeti! We arrived at the gate and were met by some monkeys, who actually came to the cars and one even stole Nassra's banana! We had a wonderful day, we had our roof up so we could see out and I got some amazing pictures! We had a close call with some charging elephants! And we were so excited to see a leopard! We saw:
  • wilderbeast
  • zebra
  • bufflo
  • heartbeast
  • Thomson's gazzele
  • topi
  • impala
  • a smiling jackel
  • bat-eared-fox
  • elephant
  • 2 leopards
  • mongoose
  • crocodile
  • hippo
  • tortoise
We got back, had spaghetti again and then told scary stories around a campfire.
Day 3
Sadly the night before our tent had proved itself NOT waterproof and it was sinking and soaked. We given the rooms! I slept under the bed with another of my friends, Hanan, and we were very comfy!
We woke in the morning, packed up, had breakfast and went back the way we came. We stopped in a village (as planned) to visit a school there. We saw a huge tilapia fish! We arrived back at school at home time and I was so pleased to see mum and dad again!

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Turning Eleven!

Thank you everybody for my birthdays wishes! I had a great birthday and really enjoyed myself. We had a lovely breakfast, though a bit delayed because a water engineer and visitors came. Mum made cinnamon buns! We opened my presents and I got a penknife from mum and dad! We had a lovely lunch and went swimming after the rain stopped. Angela and mummy found it very cold!
Birthday Cinnamon Buns!
Thanks Ben, Sam and Bethany!
Cake Time! (It was actually the Christmas cake, with birthday candles on!)
Birthday Pizza!
Andy and Angela brought the last load of our belongings from Iringa with them! It is so exciting having our stuff! Our scooters, toys, arts and crafts box and our books have come! It was like Christmas all over again! The only thing was the clothes I packed last year don't fit me any more! I have so much to read now! We have shown Jackson,  Niko, Wema and Ezra (the kids who live here) our scooters and they were so amazed! They love them and think they are so cool. Niko always pretends it is a bajaj!

Unpacking the Iringa bags!

This photo was taken on Mum's birthday. We took her out for dinner!
Yesterday we went with Peter to Kayenze for church. We often go there, and know the pastor and his family very well. We (Anna, the pastors daughter, and us two) played football, races and we spied on the parents in the maize, but mum saw us hiding! The road to Kayenze was very bumpy; I don't like the journey very much. The runner step on our car came loose and so we had to tie it on with bungee cords on the way home!
Hiding in the maize!

A photo with Anna

Monday, 5 January 2015

Hair: Before and After (by Louisa)


We went to have a haircut at Hotel Tilapia. Since I was six I have wanted a fringe (bangs) but never got one. But finally I got one! I was so happy! It was the first time I have been to a hair dressers and was really fun. We had two conditioners and shampoo and she massaged our head. It was lovely hot water! Afterwards we had hot chocolate. I recommend Hotel Tilapia’s hot chocolate. It was a great present!

Relaxing! I could have gone to sleep!
Amisadai getting her hair cut
Hot chocolate and chocolate maandazis afterwards
We had a very fun Christmas. We are very thankful for all our presents! We really enjoyed opening them! My best present was my watch from my Mum and Dad!
It was very funny - Amisadai and I both gave each other juice!
After Christmas, Andy and Angela came to visit. They are like our Grandma and Grandad and they live in Iringa. We had lots of fun with them. Here is a picture of Andy playing my pink ukulele! 

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Happy Christmas from Amisadai and Louisa!

Happy Christmas everybody!
Lake Victoria at the Source of the River Nile
We hope everyone has a lovely holiday and a good rest. We are having a good time here!  We just got back from Uganda!  We drove all around to the other side of Lake Victoria which is 69 500 square kilometres! We drove 750km to get there. It took 15 hours! We visited lots of our friends, the Dangers, Seb, Annie, Bishop Charles ‘s wife, Mama Oliver, EI Uganda (Paul and Anita, Mike and Marianne, Tom) and Adrienne and her family.
We drove from Mwanza across the gulf on a ferry, round to Bukoba, across the border to Masaka
and then to Kampala, up to Kasana and then to Jinja and back. It was all 1977km!
Louisa in the southern hemisphere and Amisadai in the northern hemisphere!
We had a relaxing little holiday in Jinja, a town about two hours from Kampala, in a resort called Eden Rock. We went swimming in their rock swimming pool and went for a boat ride to the Source of the River Nile where it comes out of Lake Victoria. We got out on a tiny little island, (smaller than half of our garden) where we went in some underwater shops!  We paddled in and had a look around. We didn’t buy anything though. We walked (well stumbled and paddled) to the actual place where the Nile bubbles up out of Lake Victoria and goes down to Egypt! It seems a LONG way away! Did you know that it takes 3 months for the water to get from Lake Victoria to Egypt?! We travelled the first half kilometre down the Nile; we didn't make it the whole 640km to Egypt!

Our swimming pool at Eden Rock
Our boat on the Nile River
The shops under the water at the Source of the Nile

Can you see the bubbles in the water where the source of the Nile is?
Going to the shops at the Source of the Nile

A really cool shop that you have to paddle around!

A bonfire one evening at Eden Rock
 Now we are back in Tanzania and excited about Christmas Day tomorrow!


Monday, 24 November 2014

Ami's Animals!

Noses twitching. Paws padding past. Hooves stamping. Stumbling babies. This post is all about amazing animals!

Last month we got a dog from our guard Thaddeus. We had a hard time understanding what his name was. We were told his name was “Kilin.” After a while dad asked what language the name came from. He said it is from English, “you know, kilin” But we didn’t think it sounded English at all. In the end, Joseph said  “you know the word … in Kiswahili, it is “Safi.”  (which means CLEAN) “Oh!  - clean!” dad realized. Joseph said back ‘ehe (Eh-hair) Kilin!’ He was called Clean, but we changed the name to Kili.
We named him Kili for several reasons. One because it sounds like Kilin. Also because we have been reading The Hobbit. In this book there are 12 dwarves and one of them is called Kili. We also thought that as we are living in Tanzania, we ought to have a dog named after Mt. Kilimanjaro.

He is very skinny and all beaten up because before coming here he lived with other guard dogs who teased him and always took all the food. He is always very scared and not a good guard dog at all, but I love him anyway! Mum says he is daft and I suppose  he is a little daft to sit on a fire. Last week he went and sat on the jiko (clay stove) and burnt his bum! We put blue spray on him, which he did NOT like!   
We also have rabbits now!! I am soooo happy. We have bought three babies, 2 for me and one Louisa because she doesn’t LOVE rabbits as I do, and I ended up feeding and caring for hers anyway. They are gorgeous and love to eat! Louisa’s is called Maisy, but I haven’t thought of nice names yet.  If you have any suggestions, please say so!

Mum and Dad, and our friends from Magozi (near Iringa), Mendriad and Hosea  have been teaching people how to make stoves. While they were having a little break, they saw twin goats just being born! The second one was struggling and I am really hoping she survived. Here is a video of them!

Baby Goats from Rachel Monger on Vimeo.

Baby Goat 2 from Rachel Monger on Vimeo.


More baby animals ... Last Sunday we went to Kayenze (ki-yen-zay) village. It took us 2 hours to get there and I felt sick afterwards. We sung for a bit and then Hosea preached.  After the service, I saw a donkey walk by. And then I saw her little baby following. It could hardly walk and it was so so so cute! Here are some pictures of him!


Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Louisa's News

They are a kind family. They are Matthew, Samantha (Mum and Dad), Verity (11), Ezekiel (9), Keziah (7), Imani (6), and Joash (2). Do you know who they are? They are the Archers! We went to Bunda to see them last weekend.

We went to Matthew’s Bible college and we saw where the boys do carpentry; they were making pews for church and it was interesting. I like woodwork!
You can see the pews next to Verity
Here are all the tool boxes all in order. I love my tool box!
We went  up Bunda Mountain which was a very steep to drive up. When we got as far as the road would go, we went to climb higher on foot so that we could see better. We could see across the Serengeti and down the long road back to Mwanza.  Afterwards, we went back down to eat kuku na chipsi for supper (that’s chicken and chips). 
Bunda Mountain
Amisadai at the top

Keziah and me at the top!

Looking across the Serengeti towards Mwanza
We had lots of fun playing Capture the Flag and Tim-Tem-Tommy with the Archer kids. And we went to Tembea Mara for lunch on the last day. We had really good smoothies with rosella juice. It was a very pretty colour!

Acting out the story of the Good Samaritan (that's me!) on the donkey (that's Ezekiel)
On the way back home, it was sad because we had a phone call from a friend of Dad’s who said his little boy had died all of a sudden the day before. We went to visit them.

I am taking some tablets at the moment to make my stomach better and I am not allowed to drink milk which is not so good because I like milk. I think it is all because of that amoeba.
And in the photo at the top, I am having a ride on the cart with Niko. Joseph is pushing us around the garden! He is busy making a rabbit hutch right now! We are going to get some bunnies!

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Half Term Fun

It is half term! We have been having LOADS of fun! On Saturday we went to football club. We've had friends over for brunch, watched a movie, had friends over to play .... Yesterday we were going to go swimming but the pool was being mended :( Today we are going to Joel's graduation (the boy who lives on the property with us) and tomorrow we are going to Bunda until Sunday night. Phew! We love it!

Tree Buying
On Monday we went to buy some trees! Louisa brought some money with her. We wanted to buy our own flower plants as well. I bought one with a thorny stem and beautiful purple flowers.  Mum and dad wanted to buy some trees to make a hedge and also trees to plant in one of the shambas. We went to three different places. Unfortunately, at the first place we got clamped for parking in the wrong place and had to pay a fine! Here is a picture of the boot of our car, it was a jungle! And this was only the first stop!

Tree Planting
The next day we went to Kisesa  to plant them. We helped Anna and her mum and dad. We planted eleven trees, in the rain! It poured down and we got quite chilly. First, we dug a hole. Then we mixed in compost/manure. After that, we poured in some water and mixed everything. "Changanya" is the word for mix in Swahili. Tree is "mti" in case you were wondering. Here is Louisa holding her little parachichi (avocado) tree. We planted trees for shade and fruit and firewood and some of the miracle moringa trees too!

Here I am digging a hole!
Louisa did the same!

For the first one everyone wanted to help. Many hands make light work. But did you hear about too many cooks spoiling the tree?

Here is Anna, with her umbrella khanga!

Getting a bit wet!
Scooping out manure
Anna found it so funny to be planting poo!
It's raining!
Cows do like to get in the way!