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We are Amisadai and Louisa Monger (aged 10 and 8). In 2010, we moved to Tanzania in Africa - look at the map below to see if you can find it! We hope you will enjoy reading about our adventures and looking at our photos! Please don't forget to send us a message too!

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Louisa's Monkey Incident

It was so much fun, I just could not stop laughing! Water was spraying, it splashed my arm. We were whizzing along in a fast boat on Lake Victoria. We were very orange with our puffed-up life jackets on. The wind was blowing so hard, it blew my spotty dress up and showed my knickers! We whizzed along around Mwanza. Then we went to Saa Nane Island and saw impala, monkeys, zebras and fish eagles from the boat. We had such fun with lots of our friends and their families - there were twenty of us on the boat. We watched the sun turn pink and start to set in the sky and then headed back to shore and ate cake.
Amisadai and I with some of our friends on the boat!

Puffed-up Orange Girls going round the rocks

Looking for wild animals! Can you spot the zebras?
Lake Victoria Sunset
Now for the Monkey Incident ... We are learning how to play tennis. (Here we are practicing)

Mrs Hedgehog also wanted to play tennis, but she was scared of the ball
... so she stayed on the edge of the court

But yesterday I was sitting on a rock by the tennis court waiting to start playing. Then Amisadai said "Look behind you!" I looked behind me and screamed my head off! Sitting RIGHT behind me on my rock, was a big monkey just staring at me!

A monkey in the tree
A monkey running away
The tennis court is at our school and there are lots of monkeys that get into mischief! I had one in my classroom one day! Another monkey stole someone's lunch. Our friend, Tonya went to the toilet one day and opened the door and saw a monkey sitting on the loo! She quickly shut the door and told the cleaning lady that there was a monkey on the toilet. The lady didn't believe her, so Tonya took her to the toilet and opened the door. There was the monkey still sitting on the loo! The cleaning lady shrieked and scared the monkey who jumped of the toilet and ran away! Then Tonya went to the toilet.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Art: Preparing a Canvas to Paint

Louisa and I have been to an art club with some of our friends here in Mwanza! Miss Reynolds, Louisa’s school teacher, taught us. We had easels and frames made here and our friend bought canvas and acrylic paints when she was in Nairobi. Over five days we made our own canvasses and then did 3 paintings. I did one landscape, one of fruit and lastly, a leopard on a log (which is my favourite). We learned a lot and it was really good fun!

Here is how you can prepare your own canvas:
Collect a frame, canvas (or linen, khanga or a sheet), a staple gun, hammer and scissors, wood glue, water , white paint
Cut a piece of the cloth, just larger than the frame; it should be a rectangle shape
Staple the canvas to the frame, in the middle. Then staple on both sides of the first staple. There should be about 10 staples on the whole side.
Turn the canvas round and do the opposite side. First you must pull the canvas as hard as possible. Then staple it. Try to avoid making wrinkles.
Do both the other sides, but remember to pull first.
Paint the back of the canvas with wood glue diluted with half water.
Now paint the front when the back has dried. Do this twice.
If your paint has dried and your canvas isn’t white, then you can paint over it with the white paint. You are ready to start painting!
First, paint a light background. Then outline the main shapes of what you are painting. Block in the colour and finally add the detail!

Thursday, 31 July 2014

A Near Miss, a Real Miss and an Amazing Discovery

What if I fell in? What would happen if I fell over and everyone stepped on me? What if I slipped on a wobbly rock? What if there are really crocs here, waiting to bite off my toes? All these things I was thinking as we crossed (with loads of other people going both ways) the muddy, slippery, disgusting and crowded causeway, in the dark, from the land on Kome Island to the ferry that would take us to Mwanza. We got across, somehow, and found some seats on the top part of the ferry. It was about 11:00pm and I was tired. I fell asleep for 50 minutes, and then dozed till 4:30am. We finally got off the ferry at 6:00am!

We had been on Kome for 5 days with our team from Tadley before this. We took the long day ferry there, and I watched a video about how crocodiles devour little monkeys! It was cool at times but I felt very sorry for the poor monkeys! When we got off the ferry, Dr Isaac was there to meet us.  We dropped our bags at the guest house, (Louisa and I had our own room again) and then he took us to the hospital for milk and fruit. On the second and third days we were helping out at the clinic. Lottie and I were helping the nurses. We watched injections (ugh!) and tested heart beats and blood pressure. Alex was in the lab looking at all the urine and blood, and Samweli and Louisa were with Dr Makori. Mum was in the register office and chatting to patients in the waiting area. In the afternoons, we went to visit people, the sick and wazee (elderly) and give them some sugar.
Louisa and Lottie in the Lab
But we missed something! By half an hour! Too Late! The birth of an adorable little girl had taken place while we were at the guesthouse one day. We ran to the clinic as soon as we heard the mama had arrived (she had to walk a long way), but she had already had the baby by the time we got there. But we were able to see them and pray for them! When we arrived, the baby wasn’t named!
With the very newborn baby in Dr Makori's clinic.

I made an amazing discovery on Kome Island! You will never guess! I found another Amisadai! I thought that there was only one other Amisadai in the world and she comes from Mexico and now lives in America. (I haven't met her, only Mum and Dad have; but I really would like to meet her and also go to Mexico one day). My name comes from the Hebrew name, "Ammishaddai" which is in the book of Numbers in the Bible and means "people (Am) of God (el Shaddai)".  But we thought the name was only found in Mexico! But here on this island in Lake Victoria in Africa, we found a girl around my age named Amisadai and she was named after her Bibi (grandma)! Isn't that amazing? Now I want to find out if there are any more Amisadai's around (except for the babies born in Magozi!)

Amisadai and Amisadai

We had lots of fun with the Tadley team. We played a lot of football! As well as going to Kome Island, we worked with the children with albinism for 4 days and they loved the crafts we did.
Crafts with the kids with albinism

Our visitors from Tadley took us out for a meal! We had ICE CREAM!

Finally here are a few more photos with more babies (and little children)!

Louisa with a baby at the Children's Service at Kisesa Church on Sunday 

Amisadai with a baby at the Kisesa Church service

Alex and Amisadai carrying our neighbours

Louisa with our neighbours

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

A Trip to Dar es Salaam (by Louisa)

Last weekend we went to Dar es Salaam. We stayed at a lovely hotel. On the first night, we watched the World Cup while we ate our dinner in the restaurant. Every day we went swimming. Amisadai and I shared a room. We had really cool showers which have lots of different settings!

Watching the World Cup on TV
Swimming with Joan and Marion Nkone
Amisadai and I had a crosissant at the airport! Amisadai cut her foot by the pool.

On Sunday we went to Victory Christian Centre and our family sang “You Laid Aside Your Majesty” while Amisadai played the violin. We played with our friends, Kenny, Jimmy, Joan and Marion.
When we got back to our new house, we had our friends, Andrew, Miriam, Ben, Sam and Bethany from Iringa come. On Saturday we went swimming and I swam from the shallow end to the deep end with a woggle. On Sunday we went to a church that is in a village called Tambukareli and showed people how a fuel efficient stove works. We had lots of fun playing with Ben, Sam and Bethany.

With the Wingfields at the Rocks in Mwanza

Showing the stove
This boy went in a tree to see, like Zaccheus!
From Amisadai ...
AMAZING ALDERMASTON! Thank you to SOPHIE MESSER, our friend from Aldermaston who has raised loads of money for us. Over Easter Holidays she raised money doing yard work for neighbours and on her 10th birthday last week she organized a LEMON-AID and Bake Sale with our other friends from Aldermaston CE Primary School! Thanks for all the help, Poppy, Tom, Tom, Jessica, and William! I miss you!

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Pippi Longstocking, Cotton Picking and a Grand Total

New House
Guess what!? We have moved to Bwiru, another part of Mwanza! I love the new house so much. 

It has a large living room, with wooden panelling. I have my own room. I have a desk, bed and bookshelf in there.  Louisa has her own room as well. Mum and dad’s bedroom is in between ours. Next week I will try and do a video tour for you.

Book Day

Last week at school we had Book Day. I dressed up as Pippi Longstocking and Louisa dressed up as Matilda. It was a bit tricky to find costumes because it was the day we moved house and everything was packed! Mum went to the market and found some funny things for me.

Matilda and Pippi
School is going fine. I am really enjoying it!  My favourite day is either Monday, because we have Swahili lessons or Wednesday, because we do my favourite type of P.E.: Cross country! I am the 2nd fastest girl in my year. But number one ( a girl called Alphie) is only 20 seconds ahead now! This week I beat my time by 58 seconds! I am 7th in the whole year, including boys. My friend Astrid had her last day today! She is going to live in London, and she is not coming back. Lots of the class were crying. Justice, Riaan and Delvin started everyone off. Justice had written a lovely poem for her, and Delvin gave a really touching speech. Astrid was so sad she was leaving.

Cotton Picking

Last Sunday we went to a church in Malya. We saw cotton fields! Here is a picture of the cotton growing. There were fields and fields of it growing in this area. Louisa and I went in one of the cotton fields with Gloria (the pastor's daughter) and picked some cotton. It is so soft! There is a cotton factory in Igoma, Mwanza which we would like to go to.

Cotton on the plant

Cotton Picking

Fund Raising
We have just heard from the Braithwaite Boys who told us that they were able to raise around £1800 for our SODIS Shake and WaterWalk fundraiser! Wow! So we are finishing with a grand total of something around £3260 or over $6000! This will really help Dr Makori's work on the island and is a good start to getting a project vehicle. Thanks so much to everyone who donated and shared what we were doing! It was lots of fun!

Thursday, 29 May 2014

School Life

Hi everyone! Sorry we haven’t written for a long time! There is so much to talk about. But I will just tell you a bit about school now and also a Hip Hop Party.

We have really been enjoying ourselves at the school! I have loads of friends, including Lily from Finland, Tonya from Tanzania, Astrid from Denmark, Tia from Arusha, Ryan from Canada, Caleb from Bulgaria and many more! On Mondays we have Swahili lessons which I really enjoy. On Tuesdays we have cross country; I am the fastest girl in my class, but I am finding it hard to beat a girl called Alphie in the other class, and a few boys. On Wednesday we play Rounders, and tomorrow we have a Rounders tournament! I’m in it and I’m a little nervous. After school we have Netball Club which is very fun. On Thursdays we have French and science. In science we are learning about lifecycles. After school I have Tennis club and Louisa has art and crafts club. On Fridays we have ICT and swimming. I love swimming so much!
At school, there are monkeys everywhere! In the trees, in the rubbish bins and in the corridor. We have to lock our classroom doors so they don't come in!
The Hip Hop Party
On Saturday ( a few weeks ago) we went to a hip hop party. It was by the lake, and good fun. Pastor Zakio and his family were there, as well of many people from MICC ... and lots of street boys. We had hip hop music and dancing and conversations. Then we set up the tables with Pilau ( a delicious type of rice with vegetables) and rice, cabbage, meat stew, beans and watermelon. I served the beans and the watermelon. Then we had more dancing, and my dad won the dancing contest! Then we heard rapping testimonies (put to a beat and said very fast). It was loads of fun. Since then it has been really good seeing the boys around and at church.   
Saturday was a great day! I got my Liverpool shirt! I love it so so so so much! Go Liverpool!!!!

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Making Little into Big

We are finishing our SODIS Shake fundraiser soon and we want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has helped us. After the Braithwaite Boys 6km Water Walk (which is on Friday), we will tell you the final amount raised and then we can give the money to Dr. Makori for the medical camps on the islands. We will tell you all about it when the camp happens in August. We really hope he can get an ultrasound and lots of other things he needs. The other money will start a fund to get a land cruiser. We are very thankful! Louisa read this story in the Bible and this is what she thought ...
There was just a little boy with five breads and two fish. But Jesus could make it enough for five thousand hungry people. Jesus can do lots of miracles like that. When you need help, maybe you don't need to go to your mum, you can pray to God because he knows even better. The story in John 6:6 when Jesus feeds five thousand people is a bit like the fundraising we did. We don't have enough money (like the man called Philip, who said they would need 200 silver coins to feed that many people), but if we pray to God, we will have enough. I thought it was amazing that Jesus made little into big. Just a little boy with a little bit of food but Jesus could make it for five thousand people. God can answer your questions better than your mum or dad! And even if you only have a little, he can make it big.
Here is my prayer ...
Dear God,
Thank you for a lovely day! I pray that I have helped people even being little. Thank you for my mum and dad. Amen.  

This is me at the Hip Hop Party on Saturday!

Playing football with the street boys on Saturday
Serving the lunch (I was behind giving out plates)
Then I got hungry! I love pilau and beans!

Up on the rocks above the Lake

Snacks at the top (but it wasn't bread and fish!)
Click here to see more about the Braithwaite Water Walk and read the interviews they did with us and Dr Makori

Click here to go to our SODIS Shake and WaterWalk website (or look on the page at the top of the blog) if you haven't donated and would still like to (just a little is good!)