About us!

We are Amisadai and Louisa Monger (aged 15 and 13). In 2010, we moved to Tanzania in Africa - look at the map below to see if you can find it! We hope you will enjoy reading about our adventures and looking at our photos! Please don't forget to send us a message too!

Sunday, 10 March 2019

Robin Hood Takes a Rose at the Fashion Show

On Friday evening our school put on a Fashion Show. Each year group had designers whose role was to design the costumes and then a girl and a boy to model their costumes. Amisadai and I both entered as models.

Amisadai striking her pose
My designer was my friend, Jamila. Together with my model partner, we decided to base our costumes on a Robin Hood theme. After Jamila had designed the outfits, we all went to town to choose the fabric and take it to a tailor to have them sewn up. We left it a bit late and only had one week to get the outfits made! The rehearsals were on Wednesday and Thursday and I had to learn how to catwalk and how to pose and get all the timings right!

With my Robin Hood Partner
The fashion show started at 7:00 pm but all the models and designers had to be the at 6:00 to get ready with costumes and make up. I was extremely nervous about walking in front of 200 people but as soon as I stood on stage, I was really enjoying it and didn't want to leave! We were all competing in our categories; I was with years 8 and 9. After my partner and I were finished, it was fun to watch all the other models walk.

At the end of the evening, the judges announced the winners of each category. My partner and I were really nervous. I was listening very closely because I wanted to win. Then I heard my name and I was thrilled and went with my partner to collect my prize, a beautiful rose. We did a final walk on stage. What a fun evening!

Receiving our price for coming first

All dressed up