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Friday, 27 April 2018

The Red Cross

Last term I (Louisa) joined the Red Cross club at school. I have really enjoyed working as a team learning together how to help people! Since I was very young I have always wanted to help people by being a doctor. Everybody believes I can do it! My science teacher says I can do it; I believe I can because I had a vision-like dream of me working as a doctor at a hospital in Spain. So now I love learning about Spain and learning Spanish!

On the 24th of February I did Red Cross training with some of my friends and I learned so much on what to do if someone is choking or having a nose bleed or has some other injury.
Red Cross Training

I am really interested to hear the stories of my Nana who was a nurse in World War II. She met my Great Grandpa, who was in the Royal Navy, while nursing soldiers in Hong Kong. 

My Nana, when she started nursing

I have also been interested in finding out more about the Red Cross. Here is the story of how the Red Cross began in America…

Always Put Others First

There was once a girl called Clara Barton who was young and shy. One day when she was 11 years old her older brother, David, was badly injured. He was ill for two years. Clara cared for him the whole time. Through the experience she learned something very valuable about herself. She found out that she came alive when she cared for others.

Soon, Clara began taking care of injured animals. Neighbors began to bring their pets to her and almost always she made them better.

When she was older, she became a nurse in the American Civil War and she helped save hundreds of soldiers.

After the civil war, Clara traveled to Europe to rest. But that rest did not last long; soon she was caring for injured soldiers once again! But around this time she learned about an organization called the Red Cross who worked alongside her on the battle field. Their mission was to help those who need it most.

She decided that the Red Cross was needed badly in America. Over several years, she asked four different presidents to bring the Red Cross to America. They all said no, but thanks to her perseverance, one of the presidents changed his mind! So the American Red Cross was born.

Clara can inspire each one of us to persevere. Clara Barton persevered even in great difficulties.  If you have a dream never give it up, always think of Clara Barton. Clara can inspire us to always put others first. She cared for people and discovered she came alive when she helped ill people. So what makes you come alive? How can you help others?

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