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We are Amisadai and Louisa Monger (aged 15 and 13). In 2010, we moved to Tanzania in Africa - look at the map below to see if you can find it! We hope you will enjoy reading about our adventures and looking at our photos! Please don't forget to send us a message too!

Saturday, 22 March 2014


Hi everyone!

We just got back from Kome Island, which is where the clinic is that we are raising money to help. We had lots of fun there with The King's School team from Langley, B.C. We visited a school and the clinic. We went round visiting lots of people on the islands, praying for people and sharing rice. A lot of them were very sick and some wanted to know Jesus. Our friends went farther to visit another lady very sick with HIV Aids whose family wouldn't pay to get her to hospital which is a long journey away. We hope she has now gone to the hospital but it would have a difficult journey because it is long and bumpy! We saw one lady going to the hospital when we came home on the ferry. She was lying under a khanga on the metal bench and I don't know how she did going on the crowded daladalas.

Dr. Isaac checking Emma's blood pressure at the clinic. We were all normal!

A man called Joun Twa came with us and did a seminar about health in Kome as well. We taught about SODIS, because many people complained that boiling water to make it clean took too much time, and made them sick. They just drank normal lake water, which was dirty and actually made them sick. Max, mum, Auntie Laurena ( Miss Hensel ) and I taught at the seminar how to do SODIS, treating water to make it safe to drink. We had filled the bottles three quarters full at the guest house we were staying at, and took the bottles there. Mum did a short speech first about how to make the water clean, and then we gave three people bottles to shake. Then we filled them up and told the people there what to do next. We also taught the waitress at the guesthouse how to do it as well.

Teaching SODIS
The team doing SODIS for themselves!
It is funny because we actually don't have any water on world water day. But it makes us remember that water is important. You probably know now that we are fundraising to get money for the health clinics on the island and a project vehicle. I have just added another poem to the website which has lots of information about what we doing, www.mongergirlswaterworks.webs.com. We are doing the fundraiser through March and April! Please sign our guestbook and if you can donate even a little bit, it would help! Thank you!

Monday, 10 March 2014

Launching the SODIS Shake and Water Walk

We are starting our sponsored SODIS Shake and Water Walk Fundraiser!

Follow the link and see our new website www.mongergirlswaterworks.webs.com

We are going to a sponsored SODIS shake (where we will shake 100L of water) and do a sponsored water walk, the distance that people in the villages here walk (an average) to get water.

Go to our website and you can find out all about why we are raising money and how we plan to do it. You can find out all about water and sanitation which we have been learning about at school, how to treat water with the SODIS method and watch our videos on how to make a tippy tap and do sodis!

Please think about sponsoring us for the SODIS Shake and the Water Walk. You can donate safely and securely here with CharityCheckout.


And you can think about doing your own fundraiser as well! March 22nd is World Water Day, so that would be a great day to organize a fun sponsored event to help us raise the money! We really need your help because it is hard to raise money by ourselves here!

SODIS treating our water
Making our Tippy Tap
We are going to split the money we raise between two important things. One is for the medical clinics on the islands and the other is a project vehicle. We are fundraising to help Dr Makori's medical clinic work on the islands on Lake Victoria. Dr Makori needs money to get medical supplies and equipment for his mobile clinics. A mobile clinic is one that travels around to lots of people, in distant villages. He also has a base clinic. He need things like an x-ray machine and an ultrasound. He is raising money to run a big mobile medical camp which he hopes to start in the summer. (He needs $12 000 or £7000 for this). This camp will give medical care but also lots of health education; and one important thing he will teach about is the importance of water and sanitation.

We are also fundraising for a Land Cruiser that we can use for our projects. The roads are very rough here and it is hard to get to far-away villages. We want to be able to go to villages on the big islands (that we can get to by ferry) and also to villages on the mainland. Then we will be able to help more people with health projects and other things as well. It will cost about $50,000 (£30,000) with shipping etc. So we do need lots of help!
So please think about if you can help us in any way! And please share this with your friends! Thank you very much!