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We are Amisadai and Louisa Monger (aged 15 and 13). In 2010, we moved to Tanzania in Africa - look at the map below to see if you can find it! We hope you will enjoy reading about our adventures and looking at our photos! Please don't forget to send us a message too!

Friday, 27 December 2013

Happy Christmas from Amisadai

Happy Christmas everybody! I hope you had a lovely time... we did!
On Christmas day morning we opened our stockings, and got lots of presents inside! I got sweets, a puzzle, little notebooks, hair elastics, and tissues. Then we had a lovely breakfast of delicious sweet bread. And I had made smoothies, which I found on the National Geographic website for kids. It is made with frozen banana, two oranges, ½ cup of vanilla yogurt, food colouring (you don’t have to), and we added mango juice, and baobab juice as well. 
Christmas Breakfast
Then we opened our Christmas presents. I got books, clothes, sweets, some lovely jewellery and some other things as well. We went to Andy and Angela’s with the Wingfields for a Christmas lunch. We had roast duck and LOTS of other things! Then we stayed for tea. So you see, we had loads of fun!

Our Christmas Tree from the garden
Before Christmas we went to a village called Ikuka to say good bye to the stoves group there. We stayed there for lunch which was rice, beans and meat. And we drank soda.  Then they said they had some presents for us. So they went out and came back in with the presents. First they each gave us some eggs. It was so funny because they all came in a long line, each holding an egg! Then they gave a bucket of corn. Then they came in with a chicken (alive) and last of all ………. a goat!!!! And it was alive! I called him Johnson and now back in Iringa, in the mornings I take him to pasture. I love having a goat! But he will have to find him a new home very soon.
Johnson the Goat
We have now found new homes for most of the baby rabbits, and also for the mum. Soon the others will go too.
Saying goodbye to the rabbits
We now have six puppies!  They were born just before Christmas! Two are black and white, three are brown, and one is brown and white. The mother Lily, has made a den underneath a log and pile of wood.

A little puppy!


Thursday, 5 December 2013

Little Ruaha River Investigation at Masumbo

We went to Masumbo, to the Little Ruaha River to do an investigation.

First we had to cross the river to get to the bank on the other side. We went on the zip wire which is so much fun!

Amisadai ready to cross the river
We measured how wide the river was at one place and how deep it was all the way across. Then we were able to draw a Cross Section of the river, which shows us what the river bed looks like. Amisadai can tell you more about what we discovered.

We also did a pooh-stick experiment. Amisadai sat at a rock and I sat 5 metres down the river. We measured the time it took for a stick to get from Amisadai all the way to me. We did this eight times. Then we did the same thing but with oranges. Mum had to go in and try and catch the orange! She jumped up to her chest in water with all her clothes on!

We discovered that the average time taken to travel 5m was 11.22 seconds for the stick and 11.67 seconds for the orange. (We did a lot of maths when we got home.) By dividing the 5m distance by the time, we then calculated that the speed of the Little Ruaha at our first site was 0.45m/s. We did it all again further up the river and it was only 0.29m/s. (Amisadai and Mum helped me write this bit all this out!)

You should try it at a river where you live and see what the flow is for your river compared to ours. Let us know what you discover!

We sat on some rocks and did some sketching of the river. We also sat and wrote down and took photos of our observations.


I observed that the river bank was eroding because I could see trees had gone and were almost gone! I saw evidence of transportation when I saw a bit of tree trunk stuck by the river bank. I observed the river bed and bank was very soft sand and there were lots of rocks. We took a river sample back to Iringa.

I also drew a map of the river at Masumbo, wrote a river poem and did a river painting and made river collages with our photos.

Look at the cool erosion in the rock where I am pointing!
And one more thing ... I just put another book review on our book review page.