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Sunday, 31 December 2017

Christmas Eggs

Happy New Year to you all!

It has been such a very, very long time since we updated the blog! Sorry about that! We both hope to do much better in 2018!

I (Louisa) will start by telling you about my kuku!

Kuku is the Swahili word for chicken!
Project Kuku
In November I started a chicken project. We bought five laying chickens and Dad and I built a chicken house surrounded by a fenced in chicken run. The house has a hinged door to the nest box where I can collect the eggs from. It has a ramp so the chickens can get up and down with a door that we close at night.
The Chicken House

The Five Chickens
Sadly after a short time and only a few eggs, three of the chickens died of illness. After no eggs for a month, finally on December 28th, I started collecting eggs again! The two chickens are named Tangawezi ("Ginger") and Snowflake. They love it when I take them scraps of food ... they especially love watermelon! I am looking forward to buying some more chickens from our friend, Mama Minja very soon!

Yay for EGGS!
I love collecting the eggs! I love eggs and especially making fried egg on toast! I also like poaching them in my little PoachPod!

How do you like your eggs?

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  1. Elia's favourite breakfast is fried egg on toast with baked beans, Fin loves dipping soldiers with marmite in boiled eggs...

    We love egg collecting and eating fresh eggs too!! Yummy yummy! We'll done Louisa, Tim, Tangawizi and Snowflake x