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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Louisa's Data Collection: Please Submit Answers!

Polar Animals and Pets
I am making databases in math and I am collecting data! Please can you help me by giving me some information! You can either comment on the blog or facebook or send an email to me at rachelmonger@googlemail.com. I will post my results on our blog when I have finished!
Thank you!  Louisa Monger
What  is  your  favourite  polar  animal? 

arctic  fox 
arctic  hare 
arctic  wolf 
polar bear 
Orca  whale

How  many pets do  you  have?


  1. Hi Louisa
    Ilike a few of these animals,
    1 Seal
    2 Penguins
    3 Whale

    pets do i have only 1 dog
    shirley baxter

  2. plus Polar Bear

  3. Hard to choose a favourite out of those, but if I had to would probably say penguin as they're so different & quite funny.

    I don't have a pet... yet... but am sowing the seeds for us to get a cat, if I can get the girls to help me persuade Russ!

    Have a good time working on your project!

    Rebecca Beese

  4. The favourite has to be the Orca Whale because that is the logo of the Vancouver Canucks Hockey team. Go to


    For pets, I have 4 grandchildren

    Lol Papa xxx

  5. I like penguins the best.
    I don't have any pets.
    Love Mama xx

  6. I think it has to be penguins as they are so amusing.

    The only pet I have at home at present is Grandma, but we are looking forward to two more very special ones coming to stay with us later this year!!!.
    Grandad XX

  7. Hi Louisa-
    Actually my favorite animal is a moose but it is not really an polar animal. But they are such unusual looking animals and they make me giggle when I see them. What makes you giggle?
    From your list, I would choose a walrus for the very same reason I would choose a moose. They are quite unusual and funny looking. Would you agree?

    For many years we had a cat named Trixie and a dog named Thunder but sadly they both died within the last two years. They did live a long time though. Trixie was 19 years old when she died and our dog Thunder was 15. We were sad when they died. Maybe we will get another dog some day. What kind of dog is your favourite?

    I look forward to seeing the results of your survey!

    Love from Mrs Thomas (in Langley where your Nana and Papa live)