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Friday, 17 June 2016

Ngorongoro Crater (Part 1)

Over the next couple of blog posts I (Amisadai) will tell you about my Year 7 school trip. With photos I will tell you about the adventures we had on our four day trip to Ngorongoro Crater and Oldupai Gorge in Tanzania.
Ngorongoro Crater
Ngorongoro Crater
In March, I went with my class to Ngorongoro. We left early and travelled from the noise and buildings of Mwanza to the endless plains of the Serengeti and passed many animals along the way.  After driving on the tarmac road through the buildings and business of Mwanza, we then continued on a dirt road past the herds of thousands of wildebeest on the Serengeti plains and finally came to the lush green grass in the Ngorongoro conservational park. Masai were shepherding their cattle, camels and goats kept safe in very small fenced areas. We reached Nyani Campsite at 5pm, and later watched as a beautiful red sunset settled down over the crater.

On the Road

Masai on the road

Our Campsite

The next morning it was so cold! After breakfast we set off to drive down into the Crater. It is 610m in depth and 250 square kilometres inside. Ngorongoro Crater is now the only place left in Tanzania to see the big five (lion, buffalo, rhino, leopard and elephant) and also the only place left to see rhinos in Tanzania.

In the Crater, it was fairly green. It was not flat on the bottom, as many of us had expected, but had a hill on the western side. There was a lake in the middle too. Ngorongoro Crater is considered paradise for creatures, and is known as the eighth wonder of the world.
Here are my photos of some animals we saw! Which is your favourite?



  1. Great blog. My favourite picture is still the one of the two monkeys in a tree (top right)! Lol Papaxx

  2. I like the cheeta's best. Matthew Gray

  3. Hi Amisadai! I was just catching up on some old blog posts, and I saw this post about Ngorongoro Crater. I went there in 2005, on my first trip to Africa, and I remember it well. Did you know that the Crested Crane (between the lioness and the wildebeast) is the national bird of Uganda? We've seen many of them here in Uganda, and they're truely beautiful birds -- but they're more than a bit vain! We saw one that was definitely showing off to the crowds.