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Sunday, 23 August 2015

Three Twitching Noses

Guess what?! I have baby rabbits! Three cute, fuzzy bunnies, running and lollopping around their hutch now! They are two and a half weeks old. They have all opened their eyes, though they still do not have teeth yet. I have called the grey bunny Twitch (because he twitches his nose so much!) but the other two do not have names yet. I need some GOOD suggestions for two more names for two adorable bunnies. Any good ideas?
Twitch is on the left

Flora (the mum) with her 3 babies (one is hiding behind her)

Playing It!

My bunnies 5 days old.
The bunnies were a great surprise when we arrived in Mwanza just over a week ago! Before we arrived home we went to Morogoro from Dar es Salaam. We went on the bus which took almost five hours. At the bus stations it is so noisy because sellers are trying to sell you carrots, sodas, bananas, hard-boiled eggs, watches... A man tried to sell nail polish to my Dad and a man even tried to sell cigarettes to Louisa!

This lady was selling carrots to people in the bus through the windows
In Morogoro we stayed with our friends, Matt and Amy, Elia, Fin and Tilly. We had never met Tilly before (she is just over one year old). I loved her so much, she is so cute and she loved cuddles with me! 
While we were in Dar, we went to Bagamoyo for an overnight holiday with Uncle Huruma and his family. Bagamoyo is historic for trade and also for sad reasons. It is the place where slave traders brought people captured from all over the county and where they were traded to go to Zanzibar and overseas. The name Bagamoyo means "Lay Down Your Heart." Today it is a lovely beach on the Indian Ocean. They have a swimming pool at the place where we stayed and as well, we had fruit salad for breakfast from coconut shell bowls!

Mum relaxing in a hammock!
Me relaxing on the sand!

Louisa, Joan and Marion in a hammock all having fun together!

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