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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

World Book Day and A New Baby

World Book Day

Did you all have a good World Book Day? We did!

We arrived at school and saw some amazing outfits. There were lots of Gandalf’s from ‘The Hobbit’.  Raiaan dressed up as Willy Wonka from ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, and bought in a whole box of celebration sweets, we all had loads! Mr Hughes said he looked frightful with his bare chest.  ‘Half naked!’
Eric, a boy in my class, was James Bond, and Juma was Robin Hood. We had a Malificent, Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) Gwendolyn (from Malory Towers, an Enid Blyton book); Matilda from Roald Dahl’s book Matilda, and the funniest was Maheen, a Muslim girl, dressed up as a peacock from Noah’s ark! She didn’t even know the story, but knew that on Noah’s ark there was every type of animal!

On book day, we go round different classes and do fun things, from different books.
The first class we went to was Mrs Hughes, (year 3) where we did activities on ‘The Adventurous Four’ by Enid Blyton. We had to cross a ‘cliff’ without touching the ground.  We walked across planks of wood, and climbed over chairs until we had all our team, and all the equipment over to the other side. It was very fun! In the second game we played, we twisted ourselves up then and had to untangle!
The second class we went to was to Miss Reynolds in year 4. We learned about a story called the WHITE GIRAFFE. We drew our own magical creatures. We then made up a special power that they might give us.

The third class we went to was Mr Brown in year 5, the class I used to be in. We learned about different super heroes and why they are super heroes, what they can do and what they are famous for. We made up our own superheroes after that.
The last class we went to was Mr Hughes’s.  Every class goes to their own teacher for the last lesson. Mr Hughes dressed up as Sherlock Holmes and we had to solve the mystery.

Guess what?! I won the first place certificate for the best dressed girl!

What did you do for World Book Day?

A New Baby

On Saturday, Mummy had the mamas group, so Louisa and I went along too. We were making bead necklaces with them and Dora, one of their little girls. Afterwards we went to see Mama Penina at the hospital because she had just had a baby. It took us about 5 minutes just to get to the baby department and 2 minutes just to get in the door! People were jostling, bumping and pushing and shoving all around the entrance, with so many new babies. It was so crowded! People came out carrying empty buckets, pans, thermoses and cups, (and HUGE handbags!) Because here in Tanzania when some one goes into hospital, they have to look after themselves for food (or their families do).

Making bead necklaces
Finally we got in, only to be stopped by some men! I think one of them was a bit drunk, he laughed a lot and didn’t walk in a straight line. The other was arguing and trying to stop us going into the ward. He did look like a proper doctor but he wore a white, ripped and dirty shirt, jeans and no shoes.
Mama Penina’s baby was a beautiful little girl. The two mama’s we had brought with us said how light the baby's skin was. Most babies here are born with very light skin.

Mama Penina
Then we took Penina and her new little baby back home. We prayed for little baby, and took turns for cuddles! We were really glad to see our friend Maria too, and she was so happy to see us!
Playing outside Mama Penina's house

Crossing the bridge outside the house. It was quite a walk to get there!
We were tired and very hungry after all this ‘hard work’ (we hadn't had any lunch!) and mummy said we deserved an ice cream!
We are really excited to see some of you in England, and Canada! Hopefully we will do another blog before we go!

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