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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Turning Eleven!

Thank you everybody for my birthdays wishes! I had a great birthday and really enjoyed myself. We had a lovely breakfast, though a bit delayed because a water engineer and visitors came. Mum made cinnamon buns! We opened my presents and I got a penknife from mum and dad! We had a lovely lunch and went swimming after the rain stopped. Angela and mummy found it very cold!
Birthday Cinnamon Buns!
Thanks Ben, Sam and Bethany!
Cake Time! (It was actually the Christmas cake, with birthday candles on!)
Birthday Pizza!
Andy and Angela brought the last load of our belongings from Iringa with them! It is so exciting having our stuff! Our scooters, toys, arts and crafts box and our books have come! It was like Christmas all over again! The only thing was the clothes I packed last year don't fit me any more! I have so much to read now! We have shown Jackson,  Niko, Wema and Ezra (the kids who live here) our scooters and they were so amazed! They love them and think they are so cool. Niko always pretends it is a bajaj!

Unpacking the Iringa bags!

This photo was taken on Mum's birthday. We took her out for dinner!
Yesterday we went with Peter to Kayenze for church. We often go there, and know the pastor and his family very well. We (Anna, the pastors daughter, and us two) played football, races and we spied on the parents in the maize, but mum saw us hiding! The road to Kayenze was very bumpy; I don't like the journey very much. The runner step on our car came loose and so we had to tie it on with bungee cords on the way home!
Hiding in the maize!

A photo with Anna

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  1. Nothing like my birthdays! Great adventures. Big blessings