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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Dr. Louisa's Clinic Report

We went to Kome Island last week and visited Dr Bernard’s clinic with Dr Isaac. We signed the visitor’s book and three lines above we saw that a Dr. Louisa had visited! We had a tour around the clinic and Dr. Isaac taught me how to do lab tests and what the shape of an amoeba is under the microscope. Parasites like amoebas and worms and snails are a big problem on the island because of bad water and because they don't have good places to go to the toilet and wash your hands. I would like be a doctor when I grow up. Here is my doctor report  from my time at the clinic.
Lab Work
Dr. Louisa’s Clinic Report

February 13, 2014: In the lab I tested for amoeba in the patient’s stool. He brought the stool in a small matchbox. A bit of the stool was put on a glass slide under the microscope. The stool had the schistosoma mansoni ora (the egg of a long thin, sucking worm). This is what I saw:

Learning about the schistosoma mansoni egg
(Stool sample in match box)

There were also samples of blood to test for malaria and there were urine samples that had to be checked. The urine test was clear.

In my office I checked Mr Isaac’s heart with the stethoscope. He was healthy.
Health check for Dr. Issac

Kome Island Clinic


  1. I'm glad I know where to go when I'm feeling poorly! But I haven't got a matchbox. Lol Papaxxx

  2. But you are in Canada! And the clinic is here, so it is too far to come when you are poorly. I love you so much! Lots of love Louisa xxxxxxxxx