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Friday, 15 November 2013

Vet Work in Dodoma

Sorry we haven’t done a blog for a long time! We have been very busy, living in the village. We have had a lot of visitors as well! We have been to the village a lot and dad has been to Dar es Salaam a lot and we just went Dodoma for a few days.

Making our rockets on Guy Fawkes Day

Launching our rockets (it was a baking soda and vinegar reaction but wasn't as good as we'd hoped!)

Last Thursday we went to Dodoma, the capital city of Tanzania! We were supposed to be going for a graduation, but then that didn’t happen, but as we had planned it all, we went anyway. We have been there once before. It only  takes four hours to get there now because the Chinese are building a good road. On the way we stopped for lunch at a big Boabab tree. Here, people put sticks into the tree and then climb up on them to get honey as Boabab trees have bee hives in them.

Louisa climbing the Baobab Tree

We stayed at a place called MAF. It is a the base for the Mission Aviation Fellowship and has guest house …  and it has a swimming pool! We don’t have any swimming pools in Iringa, so it is a real treat! We had lovely food. The first night we had pizza and the second night we went to a Chinese restaurant called  ‘The New Dodoma Hotel.’ It had a lovely playground.  On the way there and back, we saw lots of whirlwinds. There were big ones, tiny ones, and massive ones. The coolist one was where the soil was red. The whirlwind went red because of the soil!

Not the best photo, but one of the whirlwinds we saw!

We met Amy Dixon while we were there. She came to neuter lots of cats. I think that I would like to be a vet when I am older and it was a good experience to watch Amy do an operation. I felt a bit funny when she was pulling out bits from the cat’s tummy. But I really enjoyed watching! We were in someone's living room! Everything was very clean; it had to be sterile. The cat really didn’t like getting the needle which put her to sleep! Her eyes looked creepy when she was asleep because they were open. Cath, who was helping had to keep putting in eyedrops. Amy was very careful and did a good job. I was the operation photographer.   

Veterinary work
We took a man called Gideon back to Iringa. He is from an organization called Sunseed Trust. He came back with us and Jesca to the village learn how to make our clay stoves. He went back to Dodoma yesterday.

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