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Monday, 23 September 2013

Louisa Lays Bricks

Last week we made two big stoves for the William Lukuvi school in Magozi. One stove is for cooking the ugali and one is for the beans. I helped with the jobs. I crushed bricks, mixed cement, put down bricks and made bricks the right size with cracks in between. It was very hot. Amisadai and I were also playing in the trees. And we found some pots and pretended to cook with them. We went to the staff room and did some homework there. I thought I was like the teachers ticking the work of the students!

Here I am mixing cement

Students looking at the photos of our school in England

I am a brick fundi! I learned how to lay bricks!

We did some homework in the staff room! We pretended we were teachers doing our marking!

When we came back from the village, we went to pick up our metalwork from Ugongo. They had made forty moulds for all the stoves groups for the next three years. It was a lot! We also picked up  all the door cut-outs. While we there the man said "would you like to see what we are making? We are making shoes." And so we went to see the men making shoes and footballs. They are very clever!

This man is making shoes

This man is making a football

Here I am holding a football that the man has made

Here we are with all the stove moulds and door cut-outs!

At the weekend, we went to Masumbo Campsite with lots of friends. We had a special little house and we slept in the roof. We had lovely food. I went across the river on the zipwire rope swing. It was really fun! Across the river, there were little islands in the water - there were lots of rocks. Jan (one of the adults) taught all the kids about Hands - Welcoming Hands, Strong Hands and Reaching Hands. We made a big cross and drew around all our hands on material and stuck them on. We had lots of fun.

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  1. You worked very hard! Even harder than chicken - 'cos chicken lay eggs but Louisa lays bricks! Lol Papaxxx