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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Cooking with Cow Poo


Next door they use cow poo to cook their food! This is a very good way of saving electricity. Just by using cow poo! Here is how it works:

The cow poo
Put three buckets of cow dung (take the straw out first) and three buckets of water down into a cement tank. There are two tanks.

Putting in the poo

The cement tanks
The dung is very smelly and makes a gas which rises the top of the tank. It then goes through a pipe to the kitchen where it is attached to a gas stove. Then they can turn on the oven and cook their food!

The pipe going to the kitchen

It is called a Biogas Stove.
We have been learning about bones and skeletons at school. Look at all the bones we have found! Well, actually, we took this photo a long time ago and we now have a lot more. The biggest bone, is from Ben Wingfield. He found it in a village and the villagers said that it was the jaw-bone of a cow. Here are some bone and muscle questions for you! We will give the answers in the next blog!

1.  Do you know how many bones you have in your whole body?
2. How many muscles do you use to smile?
3. How many muscles do you use to frown?
4. Do your bones grow?
5. Is a skeleton always inside the body?

I hope you can answer some! I have a joke as well!

Why didn't the skeleton go to the party?
Because he had no body to go with!

This is just a very short and funny story which happened the other day..
There was a man next door who wanted his mangoes from his mango tree. So he shook his mango tree. Nothing came. He shook again, a little harder. Again, nothing came. This time he shook as hard as hard as he possibly could. Then there was a rainstorm of mangoes. One mango fell on to his head, and then fell off and jumped to the ground! Ouch!

Did you notice we have a new page next to the Swahili page? You can find out about books we have enjoyed. We'll try to add more as we read more. But we'd also like to know what good books you have read so we get some good ideas of books we can read! Thanks!

Lastly, I thought you might like to look up my friend, Tianna's blog. She is from Australia and lives in Iringa and is blogging about Tasmanian Devils.  Go to "Save our Tasmanian Devil" to find out more!

Actually one more thing ... we are going to Dar es Salaam tomorrow to pick up my Grandma and Grandad! Isn't that exciting? And Dad will go to the dentist and we are doing a school assembly and we are going to try and find some plastic bags to make it easier for Mama Lucy to sell her cinnamon buns!


The cement tanks


  1. What's a skeleton's favourite musical instrument?
    A trom-bone!

    What do you call a skeleton who won't get up in the morning?
    Lazy bones!

    What happened to the boat that sank in water full of piranha fish?
    It came back with a skeleton crew!

    Lol papaxxx

  2. I kept reading about cooking with 'coo pow'! It is not quite a spoonerism, but quite fun to say!

  3. Loved your video.

    Lex and Oscar thebloggingbrothers

  4. 1. It depends how old you are ! But about 270.
    2. Don't know
    3. Don't know
    4. They change all the time you are alive, they are amazing living things
    5. For humans yes, unless you have a bad accident. Some animals have exoskeletons on the outside like crabs
    Great blog !