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Friday, 22 March 2013

Pottery All Fired

If you read Amisadai's blog last week, you know that we made some pots on the wheel at Neema Crafts! Well, yesterday we went to meet Lexa, our friend, at Neema Crafts. Lexa and Maneno fired all their work in the kiln on Tuesday night. The whole night! And yesterday (Thursday) we went to watch when they cracked it open and took out all the fired pots. It was still hot! Maneno went right inside the kiln - he was sweating!

It was raining very hard there. And there was a flood there so we couldn't get out ... but we did get out in the end! They took lots of things out of the kiln: coasters (with melted glass inside), big pots, little pots, a teapot and OUR pots! I (Louisa) made a candle holder and a little bowl. Amisadai made two pots. Lexa and Maneno had made some lovely things. I really liked the things with melted glass inside. Amisadai really liked the teapot (Lexa tested it to make sure it had a good pour).

After getting everything out, we went to the Greek Club and had a chocolate brownie! It was a fun afternoon.

Louisa with her pots
Amisadai with her pot



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