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Friday, 8 February 2013

The Vikings are Coming!

For the last couple of weeks, we have been learning about the Vikings who came from Norway, Denmark and Sweden. The Viking warriors were violent and vicious. They were also excellent shipbuilders and explorers. But after a long time of raiding, stealing, fighting, killing and taking people away from their homes as slaves, they finally settled in. By this time, they had learned about Christianity and were no longer violent  and they were trading instead of stealing. The Vikings have taught us many things as well, such as Scandinavian cheese (we are going to make some) and lots of Viking words like ski and Thursday and Friday. Thursday comes from one of their gods Thor (Thor’s day) and Friday also comes from another one of their gods Frey (Frey’s day). Also “smiths” from the Viking word “smiss” which was used for farmers who were also skilled craftsmen making things like locks. Their alphabet is called FUTHARK and their letters are called runes. See if you can read my runes.
Use this ...
... to read this!

Yesterday, we dropped Toni off at the Iringa  airport. Iringa airport is a little red building with a departure lounge room, with a tiny little runway. We stood on the tarmac and watched the plane arrive. It was an MAF plane that we had seen before in Dodoma.  The Pilot just let us walk onto the plane and go around the 12 seats. You climb up a three step ladder to get on but the ladder is on the back of the door. Toni was the only person on the plane other than the two pilots, Martin and Ranier. We watched them take off.

With Toni outside the airport
The pilot shutting the door ready for take-off

We have also written Haiku poems.  Here is one of mine   

 Drain pipe dripping rain.
Just like tear drops falling down
A puddle appears.

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  1. The VI-kings came from the east. Were they singing, "We 6 kings of Orient are"? Lol Papaxx