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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Volcanoes and Crystals

Wow! The volcano erupts!
 In science last week, we made a Volcano. In a bottle we put baking soda, dish soap, red food colouring and water . We shook the bottle then put it on a tray and filled the tray with a mountain of sand. Then I poured viniger in the bottle. It exploded! All the baking soda, dish soap, red food colouring and water exploded!! But it was not red like magma. Even with all that food colourling!! The viniger is an acid and when it touches bicarbonate like baking soda it reacts by bubbling and fizzing.(You can tell a limestone rock by pouring viniger on it beacuse the rock will bubble and fizz). You should try this!

The heat inside a real volcano in the magma chamber below the earths crust pushes magma up the vent of a volcano. It shoots out the top of the volcano in the form of lava.

We are also making Crystals. Crystals are solid shapes wtih flat surfaces lined up in repeating patterns. They are formed by minerals. We dissolved a mineral called alum  and when it became solid it was a crystal.

Our growing crystal

Our crystal tree. Before


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