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We are Amisadai and Louisa Monger (aged 14 and 11). In 2010, we moved to Tanzania in Africa - look at the map below to see if you can find it! We hope you will enjoy reading about our adventures and looking at our photos! Please don't forget to send us a message too!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Magozi Setting Slideshow by Amisadai

Good news! The puppies have opened their eyes and are walking a little bit now! At school I have been learning about the Romans. Today we did Roman numerals in maths. Did you know Romans ate snails in blood soup and ostrich and parrot heads? I have liked learning about the Roman army. Also we made a video of a play we made up about a wealthy Roman lady and her slave. In literacy I have been writing setting descriptions. And I have been playing with photos on the computer. Here is a slideshow that describes with words and pictures the hot setting of Magozi.

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  1. More great work! I'm cooking for myself while mama is with great grandpa so I'll have to try some parrot heads for lunch. I'll see what I can find when I roman' up the aisle at the Grocery Store. Lol Papaxxx