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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Pioneer Day in Tanzania

Yesterday we had a pioneer day. I have been learning about pioneers. (Mama from Canada started teaching us when she was here!) Pioneers are people that make a new way, like travelling west in North America to make new homes in a new land. They travelled in covered wagons and built log cabins to live in.

This a photo of the log cabin and wagon that we made.
Yesterday we played pioneer games like cats cradle and "find the pepple." We did pioneer cooking. We made johnnycake and popcorn.

We dried the corn in the sun and then ground it in the pestle and mortar into flour.

The Johnnycake was yummy!
Making popcorn chains

Here are the paper cut-outs we made. In Little House on the Prairie, Laura does this.
We have been reading Little House in the Big Woods at bedtime.

We also made ice ceam with Laura (not Laura from Little House in the Big Woods!) Did you know you can make ice cream without a freezer? You can try it at home with bags and ice and some cream. It is very fun, but you have to shake shake shake and you might get a bit wet! Here are the instructions! Make You Own Ice Cream
Shake shake shake! It's very cold!
10 minutes later ... ice cream!

Yum! Real ice cream!

I think that life as a pioneer was different in North America years ago because they had to live in cold snow, they did not have landcruisers like us and they might be attatcked by BIG bears! Life as a pioneer in Tanzania is similar because we get milk from a cow like they do, and we both make our own butter and ice cream. We both have chickens and pigs to look after and eat, and there are lots of outhouses here too!

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  1. We loved pioneering your pioneer lessons when we were in school with you, and we're excited that at the end of your learning journey you were able to make ice cream! Lol - papaxxx